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Supporting our colegues to grow!

Careers in our company

We are a stable and promising employer with workplaces throughout the Czech and Slovak Republics. In total, we bring together over 200 professionals, many of whom are leaders in their field.

We support and value the independence, originality, expertise and personal growth of all our employees. We care about the quality and friendliness of the working environment, as well as the balance between work and personal life. We build on the values of mutual trust, openness and fairness. This enables us to build and maintain a functional team with a low turnover rate.

We believe that an equal representation of women and men and employees of all age groups contributes to an open and friendly company environment. Many of our young colleagues met our company during their university studies and joined us for their first job. They can rely on the experience and assistance of leading engineers with many years of experience in the field for their professional development. We consider information sharing and mutual enrichment to be our asset.

Why to work with us?

    • You have the opportunity to be at the preparation of the largest transport infrastructure constructions in the Czech and Slovak Republic
    • We will support you in your personal and professional growth, this is important to us 
    • We offer you the possibility of self-realization, a great degree of freedom combined with the corresponding responsibility
    • We pride ourselves on a friendly and informal company culture across the board
    • Financial remuneration is commensurate with the demands of the position, we value financially increasing qualifications
    • We will create favourable working conditions for you, including the possibility of part-time work