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Who we are

Company HBH Project

HBH Projekt is an experienced supplier of project documentation and a complete range of consulting services in the preparation, construction and maintenance of civil structures. Our best industry experts with hundreds of completed projects and our ability to deliver the most suitable team according to the needs and requirements of the client enable us to achieve excellent results even in the most complicated and extensive projects.

We are an independent Czech design and consulting company specializing in transport and civil engineering. We provide our customers with complete project preparation and engineering, environmental consultancy and construction supervision together with a full spectrum of consulting engineering services during the lifecycle of civil structure. Among others we provide construction visualization, traffic analyzes, safety audits, cost&benefit analyzes or environmental impact assessments. During construction, we provide clients with legal advice, claim management, supervision and other consulting services related.

We are a stable and trustworthy company with a tradition in the Czech market since 1992, in the field of road construction. In our field, we rank among the leading companies in the Czech and Slovak markets. In addition to our headquarters in Brno, we also have offices in Prague, Olomouc and Ostrava, and Slovakian offices in Bratislava and Banská Bystrica. Our primary markets are the Czech Republic and Slovakia but we provide our services also anywhere else in the world.

Our long-term effort is to increase the flexibility, transparency and overall efficiency of the construction industry. We put pressure on the digitization of construction preparation and the use of modern tools for the management of the entire construction process. We seek opportunities for international cooperation and are among the supporters of public-private partnerships in the preparation and implementation of transport infrastructure construction. 

We provide our customers not only with expert knowledge but also full support in the process of preparation and implementation of complicated constructions. We are constantly expanding the scope of activities in which we are able to provide services ourselves. In other areas, we choose trusted partners whose work we can be proud of.

Our responsibility

We are aware the results our activities will be visible both in settlements and in the natural landscape for long-lasting dozens of years. We take this privilege serious and responsibly prepare ourselves for our role in the development.

How we work

We value our ability to cooperate as one team adapting to all types of client requirements and needs. Internal cooperation and efective environment inside company is the key factor for us. 

  • HBH Projekt was oficially estabilshed during 1991 by three engineers:
       Radovan Hrnčíř
       Ivan Budík
       Otakar Hornoch
  • During 1992 first projects were started and delivered to clients
  • Ostrava office was estabilished
  • Company provides first services of Construction Supervision
  • Company started its subsidiary on Slovakia market
  • Since 2007 we are based in two major cities in Slovakia, Bratislava and Banská Bystrica
  • Link projekt joined HBH Projekt as subsidiary aimed to bridges and structures
  • HBH Projekt aquired company Dopravní stavby PROJEKCE
  • Olomouc office was estabilished
  • New office in Prague was created
  • 30 years anniversary of HBH Projekt - read more