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Design and engineering

We provide clients with projects of all stages and extents. Designing one-time local reconstructions as well as complex new constructions of entire motorway sections and related structures.

Design and engineering

In the field of design and engineering, we are able to prepare design projects of all stages and any scale. We provide our clients with design of minor modifications and refurbishments as well as complex new constructions of entire highway sections.

We are experienced general consultant for project documentation, including all necessary surveys and submittals. Our customers include public and private investors, construction companies as well as state and local government authorities. We have experience in the preparation of PPP projects and in working in international consortia.

In our departments we have leading experts in transport infrastructure with all necessary authorizations for design in the Czech and Slovak Republic. We believe that we bring the highest added value to our clients not only through our emphasis on technical quality, but also by putting maximum pressure on the sustainability of our solutions and technical innovation. We are actively involved in the introduction of digitalization of construction, creation of digital twin of construction and BIM in general in the Czech Republic.

Thanks to the high level of vertical integration of the project preparation process within our company, we are able to fulfill our orders quickly and efficiently, regardless of the scope or content of the required work.

During the company's existence, we have delivered hundreds of projects of all types and stages to our customers. We specialize primarily in the area of roads and related infrastructure, with typical results of our services being project documentation:

  • All types of roads
  • Airport surfaces
  • Stations, rest areas, internal roads and other transport areas
  • Overall transport solutions for urban complexes
  • Bridges and engineering structures
  • Water management structures and gas pipelines
  • Electrical engineering structures
  • Land reclamation, green infrastructure and parks

All design documents in our company is provided by the Design Division, whose experts are located in offices throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Thus, experts are always deployed on each project according to the needs and requirements of the project.

Director of Design Division

Štěpán Svoboda

Phone: +420 602 421 244

E-mail: s.svoboda@hbh.cz

Selected projects

During last 30 years of our company we delivered hundreds of successfuly completed projcets covering broad range of our expertise.