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Legal services

We provide all kinds of legal services during gathering permits, public buyins and land acquisition. We currently provide these services in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Legal services

Especially (but not only) for infrastructure constructions we provide all engineering and land development services. Our experts have many years of experience with the preparing process of constructions sites and lands and solving the most complicated problems within the Czech and Slovak Republic legal framework.

Our experts are able to offer clients the best possible solutions leading to the completion of all administrative obligations of investor preparation thanks to their experience in dozens of the largest infrastructure constructions in the country. We also provide our clients with all property preparation services, i.e. securing easements, land purchases, assistance with inheritance and expropriation proceedings and, last but not least, land settlement after the completion of construction.

A typical result of our activity is:

  • Negotiation of documentation in order to obtain administrative permits.
  • Final administrative decision
  • Ensuring contractual relations to buildings, land and networks
  • Land purchases and easements

Engineering and property law preparation activities are provided by our experts of the Engineering Preparation Department from the offices in Brno, Ostrava, Olomouc and Prague for the Czech Republic and from Banská Bystrica for Slovakia.

Director of Legal Services Division

Alena Damková

Phone: +420 733 145 999

E-mail: a.damkova@hbh.cz

Selected projects

During last 30 years of our company we delivered hundreds of successfuly completed projcets covering broad range of our expertise.