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Traffic engineering and road safety

We provide all types of documentation and consulting in the field of traffic engineering, road safety and cost-benefit analyzes.

Traffic engineering and road safety

In the Czech Republic and Slovakia we provide all types of consulting services and documentation in the field of traffic engineering and road safety.

Our traffic safety experts regularly participate in international European projects, organize safety seminars, conduct safety audits, inspections and design safety measures.

In the field of traffic engineering, we carry out all traffic surveys and assessments, create traffic models and microsimulations of traffic solutions.

Finally, we provide clients with cost-benefit analyses of transportation solutions, multi-criteria analyses, financial payback calculations and other assessments.

Typical examples of our services include:

  • Transportation master plans for subdivisions and individual municipalities and cities, including bicycle and pedestrian transportation
  • Studies of transport organisation and impacts of changes in transport organisation, including traffic calming
  • Traffic surveys, measurements and evaluations
  • Development of traffic models and their management, microsimulation of traffic solutions
  • Capacity assessments of road profiles, junctions, interchanges and connections
  • Road construction efficiency assessment using HDM IV, cost-benefit analysis (CBA)
  • Passports of roads and traffic signs
  • Safety audits and inspections
  • Accident site management

Our traffic engineering and traffic safety experts are part of the project preparation unit, located in Brno for the Czech Republic and Bratislava for Slovakia.

Director of Design Division

Štěpán Svoboda

Phone: +420 602 421 244

E-mail: s.svoboda@hbh.cz

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During last 30 years of our company we delivered hundreds of successfuly completed projcets covering broad range of our expertise.