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Company structure

Our organisation

Management structure

Our company's activities are carried out through our four departments in all the markets in which we operate. Individual projects are handled by experts across these departments.


Where we work

We provide our services worldwide, our primary markets are the Czech and Slovak Republics.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has been our home market since 1992. Within the Czech Republic we employ a total of nearly 200 experts involved in the delivery of our services. We operate in the Czech Republic from permanent sites in 4 major cities and nearly a dozen temporary sites on construction sites.

Since the company's inception, our headquarters and primary sales office for the Czech Republic has remained in Brno. Secondary sales representation of our company for the Czech Republic is provided through the branch managers in Olomouc and Prague.

Slovakia Republic

For over 15 years, we have been permanently represented in the Slovak market through an organizational unit, where we employ almost 50 experts. Within Slovakia, we operate from two permanent sites.

The primary sales representation of our company in Slovakia is provided through the director of the Banská Bystrica branch.


Since the company's inception, we have been looking for international cooperation and opportunities to provide our services to clients around the world. We have dozens of such experiences from Europe, Africa and Asia.

The primary sales office of our company for the world is in Brno.

Leadership team

Sales Director

Michala Hrnčířová

Phone: +420 603 411 350

E-mail: m.hrncirova@hbh.cz

Director of Business Unit Slovakia

Viliam Piták

Phone: +421 918 378 579

E-mail: v.pitak@hbhprojekt.sk


Director of Design Division

Štěpán Svoboda

Phone: +420 602 421 244

E-mail: s.svoboda@hbh.cz

Director of Legal Services Division

Alena Damková

Phone: +420 733 145 999

E-mail: a.damkova@hbh.cz

Director of Construction Supervision Division

Dominik Adler

Phone: +420 602 526 062

E-mail: d.adler@hbh.cz


Director of Environmental Division

Tomáš Šikula

Phone: +420 605 536 053

E-mail: t.sikula@hbh.cz


Director of QC

Radovan Hrnčíř

Phone: +420 603 452 696

E-mail: r.hrncir@hbh.cz