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Our history

Our history

HBH Projekt spol. s r.o. is a private Czech company. The company was officially founded in the autumn of 1991 in Brno by three engineers, two of whom are still the owners of the company. The real operation of the company began in the spring of 1992. Mainly through gradual organic growth and occasional acquisitions, the company has grown to its current size of more than 200 professionals.

The key points in time in our company's history can be summarized in the following points:

    • 1991 - Founding of the company by three Brno engineers Radovan Hrnčíř, Ivan Budík and Otakar Hornoch.
    • 1992 - Start of the company's operation
    • 1996 - Establishment of SHB a.s. The joint owners are HBH Projekt and Stráský, Hustý a partner s.r.o.
    • 2001 - Establishment of a workplace in Ostrava and commencement of supervision activities on construction sites
    • 2003 - Establishment of a branch in Slovakia
    • 2006 - Acquisition of majority in Link Projekt s.r.o.
    • 2007 - Start of operation of the Banská Bystrica office, significant development of the Slovak part of the company
    • 2008 - Acquisition of the company Dopravní stavby PROJEKCE and start of the branch in Olomouc
    • 2011 - HBH Projekt sells part of its share in SHB a.s. after a joint agreement of the owners, HBH Projekt is no longer linked to SHB a.s.
    • 2015 - Establishment of a branch office in Prague

Ownership structure

Currently, the final 100% ownership of the companies in the HBH Projekt group is with the active employees of the company. The current ownership structure of our group is as follows:

    • HBH Projekt spol. s r.o. - the parent company and the basic legal entity of HBH Projekt (ownership Radovan Hrnčíř 33,33%, Ivan Budík 33,33%, Otakar Hornoch 33,33%)
    • HBH Projekt spol. s r.o. - organizačná složka Slovensko - HBH Projekt operates in Slovakia in the form of its organizational unit
    • Link Projekt s.r.o. - Subsidiary company specialized in design of bridges and engineering structures, statics and dynamics of buildings. (HBH Projekt is the majority owner)

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  • Dopravní stavby PROJEKCE s.r.o. - Subsidiary company specialized in transport infrastructure. (100% owned by HBH Projekt companies) - číst více
  • ADIAS s.r.o. - The subsidiary has already been fully integrated into the structure of the parent company. (100% owned by HBH Projekt)