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Construction supervision and management

We provide our clients with the services of the FIDIC engineer and all related activities such as construction supervision, construction management, claim management or financial and technical supervision of construction. We support or directly represent investors during the whole process of construction preparation and construction itself.

Construction supervision and management

We provide our clients with construction supervision of infrastructure projects, construction manager, claim management and other services related to the organisation of construction.

Our experts with many years of experience in the construction of the largest infrastructure structures in the Czech and Slovak Republics, as well as elsewhere in the world, provide clients with construction supervision. Our extensive team of specialists provides supervision of all types of infrastructure construction, from local reconstruction to complex construction of entire new motorway routes.

Our long-term goal is to improve the quality and efficiency of construction, whether in the area of construction management, digitalization of processes or setting up balanced contractual relationships.

We provide clients with both technical supervision of the investor and assistance in performing the function of construction manager or performing the complete construction manager activity.

We offer our clients construction consultancy (especially in the areas of budget management, invoice control, time and schedule management), claim management according to FIDIC terms or providing complete construction management.

We also have experience in financial and technical supervision during construction.

Our construction supervision and related services are provided by our construction supervision department at locations throughout the Czech and Slovak Republics.

Director of Construction Supervision Division

Dominik Adler

Phone: +420 602 526 062

E-mail: d.adler@hbh.cz


Selected projects

During last 30 years of our company we delivered hundreds of successfuly completed projcets covering broad range of our expertise.