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Our ability to provide sustainable solutions is supported by the team of our ecological experts, who provide a wide range of services and independent consultancy in the field of environmental protection, environmental assessments, monitoring and supervision.


In the Czech and Slovak Republics we provide our clients with comprehensive services in the field of environmental protection. Our experts provide clients with all services related to environmental protection during construction, from surveys, through environmental impact assessments, environmental supervision during construction to post-construction monitoring.

Our teams of specialists are involved in the development of environmental protection within the Czech and Slovak Republics, participate in scientific research and in setting up the construction process in relation to the environment. Our goal is efficient construction with respect to the sustainability of the environment in which we live.

Among other things, our experts propose the necessary measures to ensure the migration routes of animals in relation to construction, mitigate environmental impacts, protect against noise or compensatory measures necessary for sustainable development.

Typical results of our work include:

  • Natural history surveys and migration studies, biological assessments
  • Impact assessments of construction projects, proposals for compensatory measures
  • EIA Notifications, Documentation and Assessments
  • Environmental Impact Assessments (SEA) of concepts and spatial plans
  • Ecological supervision during the implementation of constructions
  • Environmental monitoring before, during and after construction
  • Documentation for financing of construction from EU sources

Ecological services are provided within our company by the Ecology Division on construction sites and building projects throughout the Czech and Slovak Republics with overlaps to neighbouring countries.

Director of Environmental Division

Tomáš Šikula

Phone: +420 605 536 053

E-mail: t.sikula@hbh.cz


Selected projects

During last 30 years of our company we delivered hundreds of successfuly completed projcets covering broad range of our expertise.